Reality and fantasy

If the world we “know” and read about in historical record is suspect, is it at all possible that ALL history is suspect? Because, if nothing is true, then everything is a lie…


This is a current post to my personal public Facebook profile.  Let us explore what I meant.


Example: They that win the wars, write the history books.  Therefore, everything we read, historically speaking, was written by those that were either stronger than, able to conquer, or occupy lands and overthrow people and or countries along the way.  Thus, making the victors, the historians.  


Example: The Bible is hailed as a record of history.  It was fashioned into what we “know” now, and placed into the population as a book that was impossible to read, unless you were educated first.  To be “educated”, you had to have influence and wealth (original languages were Latin, Greek and Hebrew).  Not until MUCH later, were the words finally translated, gathered, verified for validity (this means, certain passages or whole chapters were obliterated, completely, in order to keep the power over the less fortunate).  Therefore, the victors became the historians.


We see the brainwashing that has happened, well, not everyone actually “sees” it, but, those of us that DO, recognize what is happening and choose to remain outside of the conformity.  Yes, there ARE rebels that have a clue.  They were, at one time, referred to as Hippies, rejects, outsiders, heretics, enemies of the state, terrorists, heathens….


We are in an era, I believe, that many are becoming deluded into thinking they have to fit into a category, be it a bad or good one.  Just a sense of belonging is driving humans towards a label.  This is not a social evolution that is needed.  No, this is a social massacre that is killing what is unique to our species, rather than helping.  This need to belong to groups, cliques, (political parties are included), religions, orders, you name it.  If you happen to be a Christian, your need is to attend or belong to a church (this doesn’t apply to all), but, in order to “belong”, you have to be “accepted”.  This begins the process of trying to fit in.  Whether it be your clothes, car, house, voice, haircut…the list goes on and on.  The notion that politics also fits the popularity requirements, comes with numerous repercussions.  Exclusion, elitism, 1%, 98%, “deplorable(s)”, “nasty women”, right wing, leftists, conservatives, liberals (also known as repugs, or libtards).  This is a disgusting and revolting manner of exclusive and inclusive behaviors.  Yet, when it is confronted, most will vehemently deny it.  Or hurl insults to intelligence, create an argument, because debate is lost on this new society.


There is danger in this behavior.  Yes, DANGER.  Not only does it pave the way for a new generation of bully, or varying terms, but, it causes all others to effectively walk on eggshells while trying to please everyone that tries to appear diverse.  It is a hate crime, when 2 people of conflicting skin pigment are engaged in a fight, if the “privileged” color is the winner.  Or if, gods forbid, a skin color is used to define the right or wrong police officer in a traffic stop.  Why?  Because the level of suffering is not matched by expectations, set upon us by some social medium that determines if you are poor enough, oppressed enough, less fortunate enough, repressed and so on.


THIS, is a reason why we are dying, as a country.  It is not because of Islam or some conspiracy, no, we are developing our next generations to be weak.  Mentally, we are strong, but, intelligence will only account for so much before strength is realized and overcome, by a TRUE oppressor and we are then occupied, subdued and history is written by a new victor.

Christianity, although a relatively young religion, was “founded” by followers of a man called Jesus.  Israel, being the “pure” descendants of the Tribe of Judah, seem to refute this.  Matter of fact, unless you meet a converted Jew, you will not hear the same words come out of the mouths of a Jew that you may hear from a Christian.

In fact, most supporters of Israel seem to think that, by showing solidarity to a “nation of Gods children”, this will somehow make you a chosen individual, in the eyes of an invisible deity.  Making you less likely to be forgotten when the “end of days” comes.

Again, we live in a world that is finely divided into dimensions.  One of fantasy and one of reality.  Don’t get me wrong, if you choose to believe in the “Spaghetti Monster”, go right ahead and eat your heart out (bad pun intended).  If you so choose, to believe that a Middle Eastern Jew, somehow ended up being WHITE, go right ahead and continue your delusion.  If, by some stretch of the imagination (fantasy) you choose to believe in an alternate version, of god, that somehow dictated a book, word for word, to an illiterate Middle Eastern man, named Muhammad, Mohamad, Mehmet (various spellings intended), then go right ahead.  But, don’t you dare try and convince me that your version of deity is the right and only one.  (Oh, killing the non believers won’t stop the disbelief.  It strengthens the rebellion.)


All of this has been said, to make a point.  Yes, a point (regardless of the many points already made).  “If the world we “know” and read about in historical record is suspect, is it at all possible that ALL history is suspect? Because, if nothing is true, then everything is a lie…”.

Egyptian, Sumerian, Akkadian, Chinese, Taoist, Greek, Norse, Roman, Celtic, Germanic…ALL the “mythologies” we hear about, but are told they are just “stories“, that, somehow, these Gods and Goddesses are somehow, less, or not real, because there can only be one overall, makes the rest of the history, non existent.  Somehow, less “divine“, because the historians decide what is “true” and what is “false“.  Hence, the reason I posted this blog.


Now, I am aware, the ones that actually read my blogs, will either hate me, loathe my opinion or just totally ignore what I’ve written.  I don’t write my opinions for approval.  In fact, approval is not needed, to know I am not alone in my opinions.


If you have chosen to read this far, I applaud your commitment.  Carry on.


Imbolc Blessings

First off, let me just say, I regret not writing more on my blog and more often.  Second, let me also say, it seems as if the first month of the new year has delivered quite the sucker punch to many of us in our worlds.  Death, depression, drama, angst, life events…I seem to think, much of this, is just a natural part of our darkness.  The darkness, in this case, refers to the time between the Samhain (Halloween) and Spring Equinox.

Natural, because, we experience only a part of this darkness, in a better equipped world of technology and convenience.

Back in the “Old World”, our ancestors were not as fortunate as we are today.  Candles, lamps using oil, all began to run out by the end of the period between October and February.  So, hearth fires were kept for heat and additional lighting in the homes.  Folk crafts included candles, soaps and wine.  Candles played a bigger part in lighting the homes as well, as wax was a high priced commodity.  Recycling was likely a form of candle making as well.

So, I said all this to make a point, yes?  Welcome to the “Pre Party” for Spring!




To many, the word acceptance, has limited definitions..



the act of accepting or the state of being accepted or acceptable

favorable reception; approval
But, if we look at the word, it takes on a different perceived definition to others.  We are capable of “choosing” to accept or not, certain aspects of life, whether horrific, pleasurable, depressing, or enlightening.  Either definition is acceptable.  But, with circumstances, this species being contrary to all beliefs and thoughts or opinions, not everything is accepted.  Like truth, opinion, dogma, doctrine, god etc.  We HAVE to give consent to ourselves before we accept something.
Life is some truth, sprinkled with exaggerations, embellishments, interpretations, perceptions and free thought.  Placed all together, they make up the complexity we call life.
The same is known with our political systems.  Matters not if you are from China, Arabia, or Australia.  Those places all have a political system that believes and chooses to accept, or not, certain pieces of information as either truth or falsehood.  Then, the “truth part”. is applied to a way of thought and enforced upon those that consent to accepting the leaders as the rule makers.  This is true with historical documents and religious documents as well.
Then, after acceptance is instilled upon the willing, the word is changed to tolerance.  This is then applied in all aspects of life.
The rebels and “revolutionaries” are counteractive to the concept of blind acceptance and will enforce the open mind, art, music and expression.  This is outside of social acceptance, but, is necessary to keep life healthy and happy.  So, when you begin preaching acceptance and blind tolerance, be aware, being a consenting human to tolerance and acceptance without caution, can lead to being ruled by those that do not intend good use of power.


If you were to ask various people about their idea of freedom, you’d likely receive a VERY diverse response.

To quote a famous leader of this nation:

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth, upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”

History would have us believe, that a group of “refugees” and immigrantsfound” this nation we call the United States of America.  To some, that is all the information they need.  But, there is a horrifying story that will ask the question, “Are you sure that’s how it happened“?

When the fortunate settlers landed on this continent, they were fleeing a system of government that was successfully oppressing and persecuting them.  The “Church of England”, along with the Crown, was simply not tolerant of rebellious subjects.  If you lived within the confines of the British Isles, you were a SUBJECT.  Money, status and birth is how you were classified.  If you didn’t meet any of the stipulations of royalty or someone important, you were labor, “hired help” or just poor.

This group of “immigrants”, if you will, took this continent as their own, much like the “explorers” did before them.  Spain, England, Norway, they ALL made a “discovery” of these new lands.  Some of them actually tried to tame the land and its “savages”, much to their disappointment…they did not succeed.  So, when the boats landed with all of the NEW colonists, they had it in their mind, there was no going back to their old lives.  No, they HAD to make it on their own, in the new world.  Or die trying.

The story we are all too familiar with, is one of desperation.  The indigenous peoples (the REAL Americans), knew by observing these new light skinned folks, that there was not too much of a chance that survival would be the term being used.  So, they, these “savages“. gave crop growing tips, helped them learn about their environment and helped them SURVIVE.  THAT is why we call it Thanksgiving.  The settlers were THANKFUL they made it longer than one winter!  What happened next is the stuff of history.  If you choose to believe the history we have been given.

Genocide, biological warfare, missionary conversion crusades, witch hunts, GENOCIDE, persecution, resource reallocation, civilization of the land.  This nation has never been a Christian one, unless the ones calling themselves Christians are like the Hebrew nation that fled Egypt (for much the same reasons).  Persecution, slavery (subjects), theocratic rule, over bearing leaders, super maniacal ego, that sort of stuff.  You see, this “Nation, united”, became one of expectation, entitlement.  Being born into freedom, you tend to forget what the word is actually meant to be.

In this way, we are not truly free (as we think we are).  No, in fact, nothing we have, is actually ours.  We don’t get to keep anything.  There’s only one way on and one way off of this planet.  WE are of the earth.  It has been here longer than we have inhabited it and will be here LONG after you and I pass the veil.  Property, houses, cars, money, status, popularity, technology, religion, social media…ALL of this will cease to matter to us when we cease to exist.  So, enjoy it now, while you can.

In the fact that history has proven our nation to be one of dominance and occupation, we must know that the current state of affairs facing this nation of HYPOCRITES, is not new.  The “refugees” that our government is trying to force on us, is likely the same kind of occupying force that will impose itself upon our way of life.  Kind of a karmic slap in the face, if you think about it.  But, we will cry intolerance and racism on the heads of those that oppose this “enlightened” way of thinking.  All for progress.  I can say, progress and our nation don’t really have a very good track record.  Ask a local reservation Native how that’s working out.

But, it’s all good.  You know, we all cycle and change.  In the process, we either adapt and press on, or we die out…yet, we remain.  Revolution is at our door.  Not military revolution, the kind of revolution that is used to explain how our planet revolves in an orbit around the sun.  Hence, revolution is a turning, or circling.  Cycles.

In this crazy, confused, chaos we call life, we have many facets that make us a unique species.  One thing that links us together?  Human kind.  In order to survive and adapt, we need to be thinking of HOW to resolve our issues, pretty fast too, as we are heading directly down the toilet.

I have heard non believers of the Christian faith, bash Christians for not acting a certain way.  Like, it’s okay to shove morals and codes of behavior upon others when it’s convenient?  Other times, Christians trying to push their faith upon others, like theirs is the only way, right?  Both sides are hypocrites, but find times that, evidently, it’s okay to use scripture to make a point, but it’s not okay to use scripture to make a counter point…Bunch of back stabbing hatred wielding, two faced idiots!  And that’s the ones that cry tolerance.  It has become so common place to use religion, tolerance and fear as a validation for entitlement.  And if you disagree, you can be sure the term racist, bigot, privileged, conservative or liberal (depending on the argument) is thrown around loosely.

We SERIOUSLY need to be united again.  Not in the way that causes whole villages to disappear, or die, for more power or property that will never fit into our coffins.  We are seriously LEAGUES away from where we were intended to be in this “nation of fools”.  It’s high time we look back and remember that we are STILL a bunch of back stabbing assholes that have NO tolerance for anyone else but ourselves.


Mega Lunar Eclipse

Well, we made it past a total lunar eclipse, while the moon was at its closest point to the earth.  Blood moon (Harvest moon), which means it was the full moon after Autumnal equinox.  A time when our ancestors, may have had to go out into the fields at night, under the full moonlight, to finish their harvest.

So many people are taken with superstitions concerning the blood moon.  In fact, checked by science, you can observe a blood moon more than you know.  Anytime the moon is in total eclipse, it will typically appear to be red.  The color is actually copper colored, but is referred to as blood red.  The color occurs due to the dust and particles in the area surrounding the moon’s surface, with the reflection of the light from the sun.  While the moon is shadowed by the earth.

So, we didn’t have an apocalypse, end of days, or final event like some thought.  Go figure.  I bet they are really disappointed by that, but I assure you, the predictions will continue.  Just as they have for thousands of years in the cosmic dance.

On to bigger and better things.  🙂


Well, September 23 has come and gone.  No outstanding apocalyptic events to report, or to speculate about.  Not that this will prevent any further false predictions from being thought about and published…

The Pope is in the USA.  He is making the day of MANY folks around the nation, regardless if you’re Catholic or not.  Apparently, we revere the man, whether or not we believe the same way.  There could be something sinister about this, we’ll see.  First off, this pope is being accused of acting like a non christian, or a “leftist”.  Hmm, seems like the ones doing the accusing are the same ones that get accused of racism when being critical of the Liberal side of the house.  Being that the church swears off political affiliations (yeah right), the speech taking place at the U.N is a highly debated action, as well as the speech taking place to our own congress.  Some theorists speculate, this indicates a bad omen for the christian right, like another apocalypse is pending.  Go figure.

Presidential race 2016 is underway.  The clowns keep piling out of the proverbial car.  How many times, no wait, how many people have you heard say, “I will change the way America does business”?  Only to be as disappointed after they are elected as you were with the last guy?  It doesn’t change, just because someone says it will.  After election, all bets are off!  How can you keep believing what is said?  There is no honor nor honesty in politics!  Get it through your heads, blinders off, there is no honor among thieves (or liars).  Trump is a possible good choice, being that his business mind is sharper than his political mind or his military experience.  Sanders is clearing the way as the people’s champion.  While Rubio, Clinton and Biden are struggling together for the Democrats.  While Carson and Bush are really the only 2 left in the GOP’s sleeve with a chance.

Meanwhile, in the local music scene of Oklahoma…My band is playing the Oklahoma state fair on Friday the 25th, at 3:30PM, ironically, on the SAME stage that Donald Trump will be speaking from later that evening.  Coincidence?  I think not!  We, EverFade, hope to take full advantage of the opportunity to grace the same stage as a GOP front runner does.  He should be thankful we’re opening for him!  LOL

Well, that’s about it for now.



We all know that Face Book is a social medium, in which, we can all rally to the posts, comments, memes, pictures, thoughts, rants, blogs, music, art and sometimes, a political cause or two.

With this said, we ALL have an opinion. We ALL have thought and free will. We can choose to align ourselves with the click of a button. So too, can we just scroll on without a second look with the ideas, ideals or concepts that we disagree with. It’s what’s known as free thought and choice.

If you disagree with me or my opinion, you are free to speak up and comment to the affirmative or negative. You are a free thinker and capable of making a decision to agree or disagree.

We all know that my page has seen some risky thoughts, both on religion, politics, equality, cultural affiliation and that will not change. What will also not change, is your ability to read and agree, or read and disagree. That is the beauty of free speech. Just because I say something doesn’t mean you have to like it or even read all of it. BUT, if you do and you like or agree with it, you can show it by commenting or clicking that little like button. Or, scroll on past it, or even unfollow me. It’s so neat how technology allows us to do so many things from the safety of our homes, offices, phones and bathrooms, with a variety of emotions.

I cherish the friendships I have forged over the lifetime I have been on planet earth. I also value the opinions of a great many real life friends I have made during my years in this life. As technology continues to shrink our planet and create a very small world, remember, you and I are connected…By one or two things. Either I know you from personal contact, in real life, or from Face Book.

Also remember, I maintain a very non traditional opinion on a great many ideas and causes. I don’t ask you to agree with or disagree with me. But, if what I say seems out of character for me, or the person you “think” you know or knew at one time, please be aware, I am constantly changing and evolving in my life. I am not the same person you grew up with, knew in one timeline or another. But, I will always be grateful for the time I got to spend with you and you must have made an impression on me either personally or by proxy (because you know someone I know).

With that said, I must confess some things…

I grew up as a Christian My father was active Army and also involved with the church. He was even a pastor a couple of times in some churches during my youth. I was exposed to the ideals and concepts of traditional evangelical Christianity. I was fed Bible history and scriptures at a very young age. I attended some private schools (Christian), some public (always a new kid) and was always involved in church, either as a drummer or with my family. I even helped teach children’s church a few times. I was a preacher’s kid, I had certain expectations to live up to.

My religious upbringing was very strict. I was not allowed to decide for myself what religion or indoctrination I wanted for myself (sorry family, this is a touchy subject). It was church or church. There was no middle ground. So, as a young teen, I began a serious rebellion and continued into my adulthood. I began searching for answers to the questions that you weren’t allowed to ask in church. I began to wonder why I was being taught to hate, or judge others for their decisions. When I began to find the answers I sought, it was with alternative spirituality. I read the Anton LaVey bible (yeah, I know, horrible choice)…when I figured out what it was that scares so many, it became a seek and find mission to locate the information that suited my own relationship with divinity.

I found others that had also been seeking and finding on their own and discovered, I was not alone in this world. It wasn’t a unique issue to want to find answers to which I didn’t even know the question.  Eventually, I was led to, by my own search and the pushes I was getting from friends, to Paganism.  Yes, I said Paganism.  I know you must be totally shocked by this admission and shaking your head, but bear with me please.  With Paganism, I found a relatively decent explanation to why I felt the way I did throughout my life.  The questions, the thoughts, the different ideals I had for myself, as opposed to what I was taught (because, my teaching in the church never sat well with my personal morals).  I didn’t appreciate being directed into a relationship with a god that I saw so many people blaming for everything or demanding that he do things for them etc.  I didn’t desire to be a hypocrite like what I saw in traditional churches.

Now, after almost 25 years of being a “seeker” of alternative spirituality, I have discovered a few things I feel I must share.

Not everyone that says they believe in something is really a believer.  Some say what they do, to gain your trust, only to stab you in the back when you’re not looking.  Some will align with your opinions, only to bash them when your back is turned.  But, that has nothing to do with spirituality at all!  That is just human nature.  We, as a species, are very nasty beings at our core.  Sure, we all have some morality, scruples or good characteristics in us, but, at the very base nature of our genetic code, we have a flaw intwined with our DNA.  It’s called conformity.  If we find something we believe in, hard steadfastly, we expect everyone else to go hard with us.  That’s not how that works.  Sure, you can find several examples of churches, pagan circles, temples, sanctuaries and other religious or even spiritual places that abide an ideal or two that seem like your own, but in the end, if you don’t tow the line, like the ones that conceived the spirituality/doctrine, you will be tossed out in the cold faster than you can spit.  It happens.

Hell, if I know my friends list, there will be some support of my words yet others will condemn my open speech, I will be judged, called names or even “burned” socially for my viewpoints.  Again, it’s our nature, to conform or be cast out.

I have blogged for a little while, much less time than I wish.  But, I have been alive for 43 years and have seen a LOT more than some will ever get the opportunity to witness.  I’ve been to Europe, Iraq, Afghanistan and all over the United States of America.  I have come into contact with all sorts of people, beliefs, education levels, criminal elements, political viewpoints, spiritual beliefs (mainstream and non), genders, transgender, homosexual, heterosexual, ALL types.  I have broken bread with preachers, politicians, generals and regular folk.  I have conversed with Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Pagans, Muslims (to include clerics), I’ve been in drum circles with conflicting points of view and different political affiliations.  But, none of that even matters.  Why?  Because of something I have learned over time.  That is, we are ALL the same.  No, we don’t all look the same, or sound the same or even smell the same, but, at our very core, our DNA is alike.  We are all flawed and are incapable of perfection.

So.  With that said, I must stand aside and allow my fellow human race come to their own realization on their own.  I must never presume to learn a lesson for my brother or sister.  I must allow mistakes to be made without interference, I must keep silent when my words may cause conflict.  I must be at peace with my fellow humans, even when they and I cannot abide the other in proximity to one another (this means tolerance).  I must adopt a moral compass that keeps MY morals pointed in the direction that is best for ME, but remember that not everyone has the same compass as I do.  It must never become a fight to value one over another life, yet, I should stand up for the weak and sick, reach out to the destitute and homeless.  I should protect those with no defense and secure my own family.  THIS, I should do on a daily basis.

So, after all of this, I hope I reach out to anyone and these words are not disregarded as rambling, that someone, somehow, will identify with my thoughts.